Monday, March 22, 2010

I am here!

My silly daughter hates it when the flash on the camera goes off so, she has taken to close her eyes when I take pics of her. I made this dress out of 4 t-shirts and since I took this pic, I added another layer of stripes at the bottom of the dress. It is really cute and she loves it.

Here is my sweet nephew and my daughter (don't look at the mess behind, and yes I really do do her hair, she just pulled out the bow and made a huge mess in her room while I was making lunch in the kitchen, has that ever happened to you??)in another t-shirt dress I made out of 2 old shirts, she has added her older sisters skirt to go underneath to add a little something more. Silly girl.

Ok, so recently I have been following The Lettered Cottage website. I love it!! Anywho, I love antiques and refurbishing old stuff to look awesome and new!! So, I took myself and 4 small kiddos to the local flea market (did I say I was by myself with 4 small kids, yep, I know crazy huh!) and found these 2 suitcases and the large trunk. Which I totally love. I wish I had hardwood floors, that will be for the next house checklist.

Sorry about the lack there of, of posts. I have started school and my hubby took my laptop to Utah with him. Of coarse my whole life is on here so, I had no way of posting because I do not remember anything. Here are some new posts, I hope you enjoy.

Right now I am doing a few hundred things at once, I am stripping my tabletop and staining it a dark color, I am painting and antiquing a dresser/desk thing, and I am writing essays for school, and taking care of three kids because it is spring break, AHHHHHHHh!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BUTTERFLIES INC. Garage sale find

Yeah, you need to guess how much I spent on this puppy. Well, it has plans. When I bought it it was a light wood color, since then I have painted it white. And added different hardware, and we have been using it for our Tv and dvds. Well, since I will be making our entertainment center, on a later date. I am going to tranform it back into a dresser, armoire for Jayden. It is goin to be super cute stay tuned for updates.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BUTTERFLIES INC. Old shirts= new dresses

Here are some old shirts, but soon they will be an eclectic dress. I am too excited to start it hopefully I will get it all cut up tonight after I do my Yoga ball ab drilling workout! Have fun Ya'll!

Stars are awesome!

My little handsome man was Star of the Week, a few weeks back and here is the treat we made.
Nothing like rice crispies on a stick.

Make your rice crispies then cut into shape, we choose stars.

Place on wax paper.

Melt chocolate chips in small bowl. 30 seconds stir, another 30 seconds stir.
Dip one end of lollipop stick in melted chocolate and insert chocolate side into bottom of shape(star).

How about a basket full of these delicious treats? Yummy!

ORGANIZATION: Hall Closet Nightmare...

Finished, well almost.

We all have one and this one was my nightmare, I took a picture before I tackled the closet but could not find it on my laptop, seeing that I took it a LONG time ago, thinking that I would get to it before now, well, life happens. Anywho, it looked a lot worse than this and it is still not finished. I need to add a few personal touches like painting the buckets and finding cute baskets instead of the plastic tubs on the top shelf for my scrapbooking, and Aerobic teaching stuff. Hope you get some cute tips.

I placed all of our crayons in one bucket and markers in the other. Future plans to paint the buckets black or sage green or some cool color.
In the plastic storage shelving I put shapes in one, paints and stamps in one, and crafts like: felt, pipe cleaners, and cotton balls, etc..

This basket is full of future gifts and cards for friends birthdays.

Congratulations Naomi.
Oh, why thank you.

Piece o' cake Piece o' Pie!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tip of the day!

So, you know when you are totally making dinner one minute and you put your pot on the stove and let the water and contents boil, then the Shiz hits the fan and one child needs you to wipe their hiney one is crying for you to hold them for who knows what the reason why and the other is "DEMANDING" help with there homework and yelling that if that said person does not get help now that said person will die and never recover, because, well just because, that said person says. And then you remembered that you have started the pot of boiling contents on the stove... during/after you have just finished wiping, while carrying, while helping do homework and it is going all over the place, and you think to yourself (you insert your thoughts) why does it have to boil over..... well, scroll down and I will tell you what stops it, or helps it not too!! I know you love me and you are welcome.
Here is the pot of boiling goods about ready to boil all over my nice clean stove top.

Here is the heaven sent BAMBOO spoon that for some reason stops the volcanic boiling mess all over the stove top.

TIP: BAMBOO ROCKS!!! stick any bamboo utensil you have and it should stop the volcanic eruption of boiling goods from covering the top of your stove top.

Yah, I rock, I know. You are all welcome.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Teacher Valentine

Found here for the awesome idea Thanks!!
Ok, so I could not find my camera last night when I was making the Dum-Dum flowers in a small pot. So, here is a picture of where I got the idea for the flowers.
The flowers turned out fantastic and then I painted a clay pot white, and placed shredded white paper in the bottom and a styrofoam square to hold the "flowers" in place and then cover with more white shredded paper (the paper is bought at Walmart, Micheals, it is a basket filler) It turned out really cute I wish I could have found my camera. To show you all.